So all of my bloggings will be of fantacys with my Hot Wife.Shes a very hot and she looooves to please KingPapi.Shes not camera or bedroom shy,how ever she does reserve her self and not all my fantacys will come true, which is cool cause she atleast down to read sex storys with me.And not only that, but! ,shes also down to tap in to my fantacys and footfetishes and uses it so that she too, can also write some very hot fantacys too!Some are even hotter than mine! All of these storys already exists,and now I will be posting all storys of our fantacys and pictures. My wife has sexy feet and super cute-suckable-lickable toes. Id like to see how many will agree with me, in their comments. Please feel free to grade our storys in the commentary box. Also feel free to post your storys and pics too! Dont be shy, “It’s All Just For Fun & Games Anaways! Stay updated if your looking forward to read and share.Happy Blogging and never forget to use protection as SEXxX can be Alot Of Fun, Until You Wind Up With an ” S..T..D ” and a sexual disease is NO FUN AT ALL! Be Safe!…Experiment!…Explore!…Enjoy!…Express!…Do It Safely! And ” Live Happy! ,Sexualy& Spirituatly”. my advice to all is : ” Try new things.Dont hold back.Remember to be MATURE! Sex and Fetishes Are Fun. When keeping safe & protected. Have fun reading and respect & enjoy my sexy ” Hot Jenni Photo Collections ” (Ive shot and edited every single photo my self). Stay posted! Sincerely “KingPapi” . Continue reading

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